A few words about me…

In the early 2000s, guided by a deep spiritual calling, I embarked on a transformative journey from Canada to Chile. My purpose was not merely to do business in a boardroom while speaking Spanish but to embrace Chilean culture. As a formally trained and certified life coach, my focus lies in nurturing the souls of introverts, encouraging self-care, and empowering individuals through the art of public speaking. Inspired by the radiant guidance of numerous coaches throughout my own life, spanning decades, I now serve to illuminate the paths of others.

Each day, I wholeheartedly commit myself to outdo yesterday’s version of me, driven by my unwavering resolve to constantly grow and evolve. This diligent pursuit of self-improvement fuels my ability to transform dreams into tangible goals. Drawing upon the collective wisdom of gentle nudges I received over time, I have discovered the immense power of manifesting my deepest desires and cultivating the inner strength necessary for lasting change. Through this sacred journey, I continue to unfold and embrace the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead.

Core Values & Accountability


I honour Brené Brown‘s guidance to pick one core value and practice it. Mine is: HEALTH

♦ mental & emotional health

♦ physical health

♦ spiritual health

To uphold this top value, I nurture myself with time in nature, gentle self-talk, eating well, rest, exercise, and stillness.


I follow a strict Code of Ethics congruent with the International Coach Federation (ICF) guidelines. I strive to be ethical, even in the face of difficult decision making.

In my work, I establish clear agreements and keep all promises no matter how great or small.

♥ I promise to respect your learning style, perceptions, and personal being.
♥ I promise to support and champion your hopes, wishes, dreams, and desires.
♥ I promise to inject lightness when necessary and to give you the space to be sincere.

I agree to be present, flexible, and open at every moment.

In Pursuit of
Your Success

My commitment is to your journey. I promise to help you help yourself dream big, strategize, and achieve your goals.

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Authenticity inspires respect because it takes courage to own who you really are. – Arlene Dickinson