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Are you truly ready to be coached?
Take this free Quiz & Self-Assessment to see if you’re prepared to embark on a coaching journey with Keen Inspiration.

To determine your keenness to be coached, answer yes or no to the following.

I want to get clear on my future plans.

I am genuinely committed to self-development.

I am willing to engage in self-examination to move forward.

I am willing to question my values and beliefs.

I am open to changing old habits.

I am able to invest $350 – $400 monthly for one-on-one coaching.

I have the time to invest in myself (minimum 90 minutes a week).

Thank you for your self-assessment. One-on-one life coaching takes commitment. In our Discovery Session, I will help you focus on your dreams, and together we’ll move you forward.

“Thanks for your sincere, positive, and insightful words. Also, for your listening ears and shared info & apps. I created a workable action plan!”–Natt

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Surrender and living in the present are one and the same. – Amma