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What is Professional Life Coaching?2021-01-19T12:34:03-07:00

Coach training certification is not a weekend workshop. A quality life coach follows professional standards, a code of conduct, and a strict code of ethics. The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in thought-provoking creative processes to inspire an individual’s personal and professional potential.

At Keen Inspiration, we wholeheartedly believe that life coaching excellence is obtained through formal training from an accredited coaching program authorized by the ICF or other comparable accrediting and credentialing body.

How Do I Know I Have Found the Right Coach?2023-10-11T16:48:01-06:00

It’s usually a feeling that comes with first impressions. Your inner voice will help with rational and intuitive decision-making here. Do your own research and take note of your likes and dislikes. If needed, make a list of pros and cons and write down whatever comes up at the moment. As well, it can be helpful to let it sit – some decisions flood in just after waking in the early morning.

Trust that you will make the right decision at the right time. First impressions are lasting impressions. Jump on a call and let your gut instinct decide.

What’s the Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy?2021-01-19T12:36:30-07:00

Coaches do not diagnose or treat mental illness. Life coaches do focus on helping people become the best they can by exploring beliefs, values, thoughts, feelings, and goals. At Keen Inspiration, we focus on cultivating your insight, knowledge, and instinct to help you grow, problem solve, and turn your dreams into goals.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?2021-01-21T08:13:29-07:00

In general, most clients benefit from a 6-month commitment. Each client comes with their own needs and wants. In the JumpStart Session, I offer you a complimentary 30-minute opportunity to get acquainted and have your first impressions guide you as we both get a sense of the work to be done.

I Want to Work with You, But I Need More Info! Can We Chat Before Starting?2021-01-19T12:42:08-07:00

JumpStart Sessions are always free. Schedule yours today!

More questions? Great! Email me or use the contact form.


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