What lights you up? Do that! ~KeenI

Do More of What Makes you Happy

How important is it to feel joyful in your career? Is today the day you decide to pause and stay put or to make changes that will move you towards something new and different?

For most of my coaching clients, three choices pop up frequently when trying to get unstuck:

  • advance from within
  • reinvent your occupation
  • simply pause

Advancing from within is to remain in the same situation but look for growth right where you are and improve upon what already is.

Reinventing your career is the road to creating a new path. Is it time for a career relaunch? Are you a specialist or a multipotentialite (sometimes called a generalist: one with a broad range of interests and skills)?

I’m partial to the idea of reinventing as I’ve moved through the corporate world and started a hand full of businesses, and often did both at the same time.

Pausing is to simply stay as-is for now. Accept that all is well. No need to do anything but embrace your current situation. If you’ve got the desire to stay in the career you’re in, great –

simply enjoy it to the fullest. With this choice, maybe now’s the time for fun; why not seek out a non-work-related hobby?

Advance, Reinvent, or Pause?

 With these three options available to you, let your mind percolate about your future and find a path forward. Here’s how:

  • Take 15 minutes right now to think about the future of your career.
  • Untangle yourself from any restrictions such as status, money, pride, or judgement. Disentanglement will open up your mind to new ideas, ones that will help bring your dreams and desires to life.
  • Take a breath and ask yourself, “What do I really, really want?”

When the answers come, listen to yourself and take notes! Go with what pops up, some responses may surprise you. Embrace them all!

Because work is often a central part of our lives, it’s crucial we assess our satisfaction levels and make fresh decisions regularly. Your choices could advance your current situation, reinvent your professional self and move you to the next dream career, or simply allow you to pause and stay put.

You’re bright, talented, and hardworking, and you know yourself better than anyone does. Make your decision and go for it!

Paulo Coelho said it best, “Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.”