Always go with the choice that scares you most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow. ~Caroline Myss

Goal setting is a big and sometimes challenging topic; it can be massively complex. Today we’re going to keep it simple with a four-step plan.

See if this is true for you: when you talk about your dreams that reflect your deepest desires you naturally smile, your eyes brighten, and you feel lighter and suddenly more alive. That’s your true essence yearning for change; your authentic self wants attention.

Don’t let daily distractions stop you from dreaming about your desired future. Take time for yourself now, today. Our relationships with ourselves are often lost in busyness; we wake up, work, eat, exercise, and sleep. Through all of this, we often forget self fulfillment.

Do you want change? Can you imagine a future that matches your desires?

Let Your Intuition Help

Try tapping into your intuition, your gut instinct; it’s always right. It’s the thinking mind that makes a fuss and creates resistance. As you stop to tap into that instinct, why not hug yourself for inspiration?

Here’s how to give yourself a hug:

  • Start right where you are, seated or standing.
  • Place your right palm on your heart; just below the left armpit.
  • Place your left palm on your right arm just below the shoulder.
  • Wrap your fingers around your upper arm.
  • Relax.
  • Breathe.

Four Simple Steps to Goal Setting

(1) The Conjure Step

Ok, you’re ready to work through your goal in your mind.

While you imagine your future, think of these points as the ideas bubble up:

  • Be clear and specific.
  • Visualize yourself as you hit the finish line (celebration time).

Stay away from something so big it’s actually 37 goals rolled into one. To make the goal manageable, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Can I do this or is it impossible right now?
  • Is this realistic or do I need more resources?
  • What’s my timeline for completion; is this the best time to be tackling this goal?
  • How will I know I’ve achieved my goal?

To demonstrate, presented below are two examples of manageable goals. I proudly hit the finish line with these two burning desires.

Example 1: Monthly, for the next 6 months, I will participate in new online networking events to make five like-minded business contacts.

Example 2: To improve my existing clean eating lifestyle, I will incorporate one additional healthy choice. Daily, I’ll enjoy a scrumptious half cup of berries to give my body more antioxidant power.

(2) The Plan It Step

Ok, you’re ready to write it down. With laptop or pen and paper in hand, write out your goal with as much detail as possible. Play with the words on the page, use the examples above, and settle into it.

Setting goals can indeed be morphed from massively complex to fun and easy; it’s working the plan and the doing part that’s often a stopper for many people.

(3) The Action Step

This is the one that often trips me up. I find the creative conjuring and the planning to be fun. The Action Step is the one that I have trouble fitting into my schedule.

The adage, “what you do is what you get”, fits here.

Remember, you want to set and reach your goal.

Use your written plan to do the work necessary to succeed. Push yourself just a little – every day! In my experience, huge goals with pressurized deadlines are often the path to failure; via procrastination. Yes, have a targeted end date but don’t force yourself. The goal you’ll set today is small but you’ll reap the benefit over a longer period of time; as in the two examples above.

Your burning desire — now a goal — requires action; one teeny-tiny action every day is enough.

Stay Accountable – Stay Motivated

Tell someone! Reach out to those who will support and encourage you. Connect with a valued friend or reach out to your mastermind group.

(4) The Celebration Step

Have a party — even if it’s a party for one.

Breathe a sigh of relief and congratulate yourself. You did it!


Visualize the finish line!

At any stage of the process, sit and visualize how you’ll feel when you’ve accomplished your goal. See yourself cross the finish line like you just ran a marathon…

  • The tape is strewn across your chest.
  • The crowd cheers.
  • You have this euphoric feeling that screams: “I did it”.

If you’ve set goals in the past and “failed”, no problem. We learn from failure. Keep moving forward with one small thing every day towards the outcome.