Build Your Own Self-Care Kit

Build Your Own Self-Care Kit


Discover the power of self-care with our Discover-Me Self-Care Worksheet! This downloadable PDF is your personal guide to navigate through some of life’s challenges. It provides a structured approach to identify your needs with effective coping strategies, ensuring you have a personalized plan for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being on your “bad days.”



Discover-Me Self-Care Kit

Empower yourself with Keen Inspiration’s unique Discover-Me Self-Care Kit! It’s your ultimate DIY guide to becoming your own self-help guru. This kit is a downloadable worksheet PDF, designed to help you craft a personalized plan for those inevitable “bad days.” With thoughtfully curated questions, it guides you to identify your emotional needs, physical requirements, healthy distractions, sources of comfort, spiritual practices, and supportive relationships. It also helps you recognize who to avoid, which responsibilities to drop, unhelpful coping strategies, and objects that can serve as calming reminders. Prepare in advance and have your self-care kit ready to preserve, soothe, and support yourself when life’s challenges arise.


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