Life Balance: Wheel of Life

Life Balance: Wheel of Life


Discover balance and fulfillment with Keen Inspiration’s Wheel of Life! Evaluate eight vital life aspects from personal growth to home environment, uncovering areas for improvement. This intuitive tool offers clarity and direction for annual reviews or when feeling stagnant. Start your journey to self-discovery and goal-setting with our free worksheet download today!


Life Balance with the Wheel of Life

When life feels off-kilter the Wheel of Life is your powerful, trusty tool for self-reflection and balance. This simple, intuitive method helps you evaluate your current state across eight key areas: personal growth, career, finances, health, family, relationships, fun, and home environment. By assessing each area on a scale from 1 to 10, you gain a big-picture view of where you stand today and identify which parts of your life need more attention. Ideal for annual personal reviews or whenever you feel stuck, this tool guides you towards a more balanced and fulfilling life. Download this free worksheet and call it your own to get started on your journey to self-discovery and future goal-setting.


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