What’s Your Hugging Style?


Hugging is secret art form, often polarizing people into those who adore it and those who detest it. But hey, the power of touch is also known as nonverbal tactile communication and it can play a huge role in our lives. For those who love it, there are so many hugging styles it’s hard to choose a favourite! Hugging can impact our feelings as it expresses different emotions and sentiments. Here are 11 common styles: 1. Back Hug: [...]

What’s Your Hugging Style?2023-10-15T13:41:09-06:00

What Lights You Up from Within?


What were you up to yesterday? Who did you talk to, where did you go, and how did you feel? Sit with those thoughts for a sec and ask yourself this question, in each case, did my words and actions reflect my core values? Getting Clear on Your Values It's been said before, values are those guiding principles that help us take action, make decisions, and live our lives to the fullest. Is that statement true for you? [...]

What Lights You Up from Within?2023-04-19T08:23:05-06:00

Your Future Self Starts Now – It Deserves Your Attention


Change is like that unpredictable and quirky roommate that we’ve all had to deal with. It's a constant in our lives, and we experience it every single day. As everything around us is shifting, morphing, and evolving, we need to adapt to remain comfortable, and most importantly, to have a clear vision of where we WANT to go. If we don't adapt, we might end up feeling a wee bit unsettled and scattered. Create Your Vision Here’s the [...]

Your Future Self Starts Now – It Deserves Your Attention2023-02-23T13:15:42-07:00

Flip Your Negative Beliefs and Learn to Love Yourself


The depth of your relationship with yourself is oh so important. Negative core beliefs may lower your self-confidence and keep you stuck. Beliefs are just beliefs; they aren’t facts. Most often, they’re untrue and it’s possible to change them. After re-reading Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life, I was inspired to adapt her strategy for myself, and I challenge you, dear reader, to dive into [...]

Flip Your Negative Beliefs and Learn to Love Yourself2023-02-01T07:42:37-07:00

Tired of Spinning your Wheels? Try the Wheel of Life.


When life feels unbalanced, that feeling could be a nudge to step back, self-reflect, and evaluate what’s going on. Here's one way to look at the big picture that uses the wheel of life. What Is the Wheel of Life? The good ol’ wheel is understated, yet quite powerful. It's a quick, basic tool to help you find imbalance in your life, look at where you are today, and evaluate this moment. It’s a tool to review overall [...]

Tired of Spinning your Wheels? Try the Wheel of Life.2023-04-27T12:17:02-06:00

Be Your Own Self-Help Guru with a Self-Care Kit


Is it easy to create your own self-care kit? Yes. Here’s a DIY how-to self-help kit creation guide with a worksheet PDF to download. When the inevitable yet dreaded “bad day” strikes, you need a self-care kit on hand. What is a self-care kit? It’s a tool to offer kindness to “your-self”. It’s for self-preservation, self-soothing, and self-support. It’s you being your own self-help guru. A good kit consists of multiple ways to take good care of yourself. [...]

Be Your Own Self-Help Guru with a Self-Care Kit2023-04-18T13:35:06-06:00

Tame Your Time Thief: A Personal Productivity Plan


"Clarity precedes success." - Robin Sharma Have you ever tried to change your diet? Typically, the recommended starting point is to track every morsel of food that goes into your mouth. I get my clients to use the same method when it feels like distracting social media, texts, phone calls, and incoming emails begin to control their daily life and rob them of precious time. Over the years, you may have tried hundreds of methods to get organized [...]

Tame Your Time Thief: A Personal Productivity Plan2022-07-07T15:29:34-06:00

Why The F-Word Is Our Teacher


Have you ever failed at something big? Have you felt the agony of that failure? Have you let it shake your confidence? Many of us would prefer to never fail, but without the f-word in our lives, life lessons don’t have the same depth of meaning. Isn’t failure (the f-word, a.k.a. challenges) just another word for achievement? Our successes and our challenges deserve equal consideration. We need failure. Am I saying you cannot learn from repeated successes? Nope. [...]

Why The F-Word Is Our Teacher2022-07-07T15:26:13-06:00

How to Get Unstuck and Make a Career Choice


What lights you up? Do that! ~KeenI Do More of What Makes you Happy How important is it to feel joyful in your career? Is today the day you decide to pause and stay put or to make changes that will move you towards something new and different? For most of my coaching clients, three choices pop up frequently when trying to get unstuck: advance from within reinvent your occupation simply pause Advancing from within is to remain [...]

How to Get Unstuck and Make a Career Choice2022-07-07T15:21:48-06:00

Morph Your Burning Desires into Goals


Always go with the choice that scares you most, because that's the one that is going to help you grow. ~Caroline Myss Goal setting is a big and sometimes challenging topic; it can be massively complex. Today we're going to keep it simple with a four-step plan. See if this is true for you: when you talk about your dreams that reflect your deepest desires you naturally smile, your eyes brighten, and you feel lighter and suddenly more [...]

Morph Your Burning Desires into Goals2022-07-07T15:19:29-06:00


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